Implementation of a new website

Solution design, collection of documents

We'll meet first, either in person or virtually (Skype, Google Hang Out Meet). We will discuss your vision, goals, ideas together. If you already have some documents (texts, photos, ...), we will send them.

Creating graphics

Creating a design for the visual appearance of the site. If you already have graphic materials, we will assess the possibilities of their implementation. This step ends with the mutual agreement of the graphic design.

Web coding, graphics implementation

Coding, page programming

CMS installation and customization

By default, I install and recommend the current version of the Joomla CMS, with custom modifications of modules and components. As an alternative, I offer the installation of Wordpress, or another CMS, if you have good reasons for doing so (here, however, it is necessary to take into account the more time-consuming implementation.)

Deploying the website in a production environment

Move the site to the server and set the required domain

Edit an existing site

Bug fixes

Is something wrong? let's work it out!

Programming new features

Need to finish something? Install? Invent?

Performance adjustment (web loading speed)

Is the web too slow? Are they angry in some browsers? We will improve the performance!

SEO (search engine position improvement)

Are you too low in search engines? Do you have few visitors? Let's make it better!

Maintenance, web administration

From time to time you need to update, uninstall, install, clean, turn on, turn off, etc. I will ensure that your website is in regular condition.

Consulting, analysis, consultations

General web consultation

Let's discuss what can be improved on the web.

SEO consulting

Let's analyze how to improve your site's position in search engines.

Code refactoring

Sometimes it is necessary to rewrite the code so that it is easy to read, data-efficient, adheres to current trends, has a valid syntax, and also executes as quickly as possible.

What technologies, tools and software do I use?


PHP, Apache2, MySQL


HTML, CSS (SCSS), OOCSS (BEM), JavaScript, Grunt, Node.js

CMS (Content Management Systems)

Joomla, Wordpress.


GIT, BitBucket, Photoshop, Gimp, Inkscape


Linux, Windows.


VS Code, Filezilla

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