... do you need a new website?
Nefunguje mi web!
... or you already have one and something doesn't work?
Something new on the web!
... or maybe you need to program something new?
Nevím si rady s webem...
Do you want advice?

My name is Zdeněk Větrovec and I create websites with everything - from coding, programming, database management, search engine optimization (SEO) to graphic design.

Websites are also a big hobby for me, in addition to making a living. I feel useful if I can help make it easier to find information and communicate between people. I like to keep my mind busy and learn new things.

I approach the customer as a personality who has his own unique qualities, charisma and needs. At the same time, I make sure that the projects I create are understandable, clear, user-friendly, pleasing to the human eye and that their main meaning is not lost.

I currently work as a freelancer (self-employed), but I also do not resist interesting full-time job offers.

In this portfolio, you can view examples of my work, find out what specific web technologies I use for my work and what services I offer, view my CV and if you are interested in my services, do not hesitate to contact me.

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