Guitar lessons Hradec Králové

Where to learn guitar in Hradec Králové? Guitar instructor, suitable for children and all ages, private lessons, I can come.

If you are interested in teaching guitar playing, you are a beginner or a little advanced and you live in Hradec Králové or the surrounding area , see the free dates and please contact me for more information.

I have 12 years of guitar lessons - at two Primary art schools, in free time centers (guitar rings) and also in private lessons. I am also engaged in concerts and, as a graduate teacher for primary school, I consider the methodical and professional approach of course.

I like to adapt to your goals, or help you better define them. So it is possible to take the lessons from the point of view of preparing for the study of instrument play (playing from notation, theory, technique, classic play), but I can prepare you for playing "for joy" , focusing mainly on chord and rhythm escorts songs you choose yourself.

I offer the possibility of private guitar lessons , I also welcome the offer of instrument playwriting in various institutions (ZUŠ, CVČ, ...).

If you are looking for a guitar teacher for a friend from abroad, I can handle an English lesson and with occasional difficulties in French as well.

In the case of private lessons in Prague and the surrounding area, I can come to you or provide learning spaces. Prefer what suits you best.

Guitar Lessons - Free terms

Free terms