At what age can the child start playing the guitar?

This is, of course, very individual. It depends on the physical and mental readiness of the child.

From a physiological point of view:

It is essential that pushing strings requires a certain amount of force. Children's fingers are constantly growing, and especially younger children (about 10 years or less) still have soft bones. Therefore, in the most demanding exercises, the fingers of the fingers can be trapped and thus prevent their growth !!!

If we decide to start playing with children less than 10 years of age, we prefer to play empty strings or at least try to use them as often as possible. These children should have a smaller guitar (ie the distance from the top of the 7th fret if it is handled depress the first and last game field at the same time; see more. Dohme ) .Čím Dohm is smaller, the easier it is to pull the string. Of course, the optimal tool size (1/4, 1/2, 3/4, 7/8, 1 - full size) is a matter of course.

cat playing guitar

We certainly do not start with metal strings in these younger children !!! Their squeezing is much more painful than nylon strings, and it can also cause an injury by cutting the string, squeezing the string into the eye, ... I do not want to scare unnecessarily, but it can happen.

From the standpoint of mental readiness:

Guitar, guitar, chord, and music notes are not easiest for guitar. Especially if the child is just absorbing the alphabet, he learns to read and write, to count ... In the guitar game, one can not watch all the actions at the same time: right hand play, left hand play and leaf reading. This requires some automation of movements that the baby's hemisphere is not yet ready for.

It is noble if you want to educate your child musically. Do not ask , however, the baby unreasonable demands. If your goal is to teach a child to play a guitar, it is much better to start with a "simpler" tool that can be more difficult to use as a tool. Certain basic musical knowledge (reading a note, rhythm, musical memory and imagination, musical theory, ...) can make the child play any instrument.

It is not by accident that children start pre-school and younger school age by playing flute. It is very practical: Human breathing is used, which is probably the most natural activity that has a beneficial effect on the development of vocal breathing and thanks to deep diaphragmatic breathing it affects the health of the whole organism. The fingering is easy to remember and there is no need for great physical effort in the game. Simple songs make the child easy to learn and remember without needing to understand the notes.